Message from Director

In 2017 we had the blessing of adopting 4 children through OK DHS adoption and expanding our family to 9! It has been an unbelievable journey growing and blending our family. Since then, as a family we have been passionate about helping other families who have gone or are going through the foster or adoption journey. Along the way we learned that the number one struggle of these families is the ability to find safe and reliable respite care, whether through an in-home caregiver to provide some relief on a short or long-term basis or through an out of home group setting respite.

Respite care provides critical support  to these families as they go along the journey. It has been found that through successful respite care programs, foster and adoption success rates go up exponentially. It is also found that mental health improves  when successful respite care is provided regularly to these families. After learning this, we knew that God positioned us perfectly as we have been providing in-home caregivers for the past 15 years through our business SeekingSitters. As a licensed private investigator and entrepreneur, I know what it takes to find the safest and most reliable options for these families. And as an adoptive mom, I personally know how critical this care is to these families.

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